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In the process of development, the company has never fo […]

In the process of development, the company has never forgotten to undertake social responsibilities, and has always adhered to the principle of being a conscientious enterprise The purpose of the company is to give strong support to the local cultural and sports undertakings every year. For example, in 2017, the company was named after the company."2017 First Xinqidao, Zhejiang Wenxin Cup" East China Youth Chess Elite Tournament and "Stelly" Cup A total of 100,000 yuan will be funded for the China-US basketball competition; it will pay attention to public welfare undertakings and encourage the improvement of national quality. In 2017,Donated 100,000 yuan to the top three township sage clubs; donated 70,000 yuan to the top three patrol cars; cared about poor children and donated to youth Haiyushu Primary School 50,000 yuan. In 2018, invested 100,000 to build Weiguo Village and Middle Road Bridge in Sanjia Street;Funded 150,000 yuan to support the "Charity Fund for Giving Back to Hometowns in Other Towns". Caring for women's health, donated 150,000 yuan As the targeted fund for the "Carnation" women's health care plan in Jiaojiang District; 150,000 yuan was invested in 2019 Construction of Weiguo Village Cultural Auditorium and Township Sage Management;County” 200,000 yuan; in 2020, the East and the West will cooperate in poverty alleviation and donate 200,000 yuan to the “Sichuan Cangxi County Charity Association”;Nearly 250,000 yuan was purchased for poverty alleviation fragrant rice, oil and other materials. In the past three years, more than 30 Ebian employees have been arranged for employment.Let Ebian employees take root in Taizhou with peace of mind, feel the warmth, and realize poverty alleviation. 1 In 2021, donate to Taizhou City Charity 03.3 million yuan from the charity association. While developing, the company does not forget to give back to the society, and gradually builds up a "company-based,The Wenxin Public Welfare and Charity System, led by the party committee, participated by all staff, and focused on practical results, has been carried out in various forms over the years.Over the years, the amount of public welfare support has reached nearly 6 million yuan.