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Direct injection combustion system Efficient air cleaner system Compact in structure and small in size Multi-choice PTO shafts are avail able Recoil starter/electric starter(optiona

Model WX-186F/FA
Type Single-cylinder,4-stroke air-cooled diesel engine
Combustion system Directinjection
Bore X sttoke(mm) 86X70/86X72
Dlsplacement(cc) 406/418
Engine speed(rpm) 3000/3600
Maximum output(hp) 9/10.0
Conetinous output(hp) 8.2/9.0
Power take off Crankshaft or camshaft(camshaft PTO rpm is1/2)
Starting system Recoil or electric(optional)
Fuel tank capacity(L) 5.5
Lube oil capacity(L) 1.65
Dimensions LX WX H(mm) 480X420X530
Net weight(recoil)(kg) 48
Net weight(electric)(kg) 53
Fuel type 0#,-10#,-20#
Lube oil type CD Grade or SAE 10W-30.SAE 15W-40
Option Oil bath air cleaner

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